Dan & Mandi Roberts: Striking a Balance

March 02, 2018

The Equis success story of Dan and Mandi Roberts is one of teamwork, commitment, and a constant pursuit towards improvement and fulfillment.  An active member of the United States Navy for 18 years and counting, Dan knows more than most about service and dedication towards a central cause.  With retirement from the Navy just 2 years away, many in the

Pete Beckman: Winning Together

February 02, 2018

Pete Beckman’s ascent to Regional Manager should come as no surprise to those who know him well.  A veteran of the insurance and financial service industries for over 10 years, Pete has cut his teeth on agency and relationship building with a honed focus on recruiting and shepherding future leaders.  After spending time at previous IMOs, Pete was swayed to

Scott & Kimberly Rumbo: Commit to the Process

January 26, 2018

Success can be elusive, enigmatic even, an endpoint built off of hope, comprised of gratification and self-realization.  We work and strive for that goal, that endpoint, but sometimes find that once we reach that point, the fulfillment we were expecting never arrived.  In times like these, we should be reminded that success is, oftentimes, more about the journey than it

Jeff Helin: Carve Your Own Path

January 19, 2018

For many, the road to Regional Manager is paved with recurring landmarks and similar roadblocks along the way, but the exact path is unique to each individual leader.  For some, like Jeff Helin, the opportunities that are passed up can ultimately set us down the best path.  Before Jeff discovered Equis Financial, he had already found considerable success in forming

Ollie Collins: Trust the System

January 10, 2018

For leaders like Ollie Collins, the recognition, awards and status associated with a Regional Manager promotion is appreciated, but not the main motivator behind their tireless activity.  After joining Equis Financial in May of 2017, Ollie quickly rose the ranks to officially become a Regional Manager just 4 months later in September.  Ollie has established a lengthy track record of