Christopher Chaulk: Leading By Example


What makes a Regional Manager?  Is it production?  Recruitment?  The ability to inspire those within your team?  All three of these factors correlate to a quality leader that can inspire others, but for Christopher Chaulk, something larger at play has led to his success.  “The most important thing to reinforce as a Regional Manager is your ability to create relationships, your desire to know the people you’re working with as human beings, as people.”  Christopher has had significant success in this business, placing as a top 10 producer throughout his entire career within the industry.  Despite his personal success, he found that building a team and forming a lasting legacy was difficult to accomplish with his previous IMO.  So much so that he began to seek a new opportunity with a company that offered a better platform for agency building.  Then along came Equis Financial.

When Christopher learned the depth and breadth of Equis’ offerings, he knew there was no other option available that could surpass the Equis opportunity.  In the training tools, education platform, support staff and impeccable leadership, Christopher found a situation that was worth uprooting his life and career for.  “I needed to find better soil to grow my entire garden in, not just my own tree.”  The garden in question is that of Christopher’s rapidly growing team.  As of Christopher’s Regional Manager promotion in August of 2017, his team boasts 45 agents actively writing business with 175 people added to their team in the 2 months since his promotion.  Christopher praises the Equis system for making that level of recruitment possible and speaks to the incredible opportunity provided at Equis Financial.  “Everyone has an equal opportunity to climb the mountain, this isn’t a pyramid where you only hear myths and legends of people finding success.  You can see people climbing that mountain with your own eyes.  That’s what I love about Equis.”

While building one of Equis’ fastest growing agencies, Christopher still manages to maintain an incredible level of personal production.  Routinely placing atop the Equis leaderboards for personal producers, Christopher truly sets a precedent of activity that keeps his team motivated and inspired.  “If your people see you always moving, they will always try and keep up.  You have to be a person of action and activity to mirror those same traits in your team.”  So how does Christopher balance such incredible personal production with exponential team growth?  The key, he says, lies in his home life.  “My wife Maya is the jewel of my life.  I wouldn’t have any of the things I have without her.”  Together, Christopher and Maya seek to use their probability and success to build animal rescues across the country, using their influence and success to generate positive change in the world.  Christopher Chaulk is a shining example of how hard work, good intentions and an open heart will lead you to success, fulfillment and, most importantly, happiness.

“There are few people capable of the success Christopher Chaulk has created for himself and his team.  We’re proud to have him as part of the Equis Financial team.” – Barry Clarkson (President & CEO)