Dan & Mandi Roberts: Striking a Balance

Roberts Family-1

The Equis success story of Dan and Mandi Roberts is one of teamwork, commitment, and a constant pursuit towards improvement and fulfillment.  An active member of the United States Navy for 18 years and counting, Dan knows more than most about service and dedication towards a central cause.  With retirement from the Navy just 2 years away, many in the same position would continue plugging away until that fateful day arrived where the work ceases to be and relaxation reigns supreme.  Not Dan Roberts.  “I didn’t want to wait for retirement to get started with Equis Financial, the opportunity was too great and I could see the long-term vision of the company.”  Mandi was on board with this new journey and joined Equis as a “leap of faith,” leaving behind her established career working for a non-profit organization where she balanced various responsibilities centered around business administration, office management, marketing, and event planning.  A power couple through and through, Dan and Mandi joined The Agent’s Company in October of 2015, started prioritizing the building of an agency in February of 2016, and then made that priority a reality with the promotion to Regional Manager in December of 2017.

Moving fast, knowing precisely want they want, and how to obtain it, is a through line in the story of this dynamic duo.  Dan proposed to Mandi on their very first date.  Just one year later, they were married.  Fast forward to present day, where the two have now been married nearly 12 years, and their commitment to each other and their mutual goals have never been stronger.  Working together to achieve those goals is just another aspect of daily life for Dan and Mandi.  As Regional Managers, the Roberts team “divide and conquer” their tasks to make the most out of their time by focusing on each other’s strengths.  Dan describes his responsibilities of making dials, setting/running appointments, interviewing potential recruits and training new agents as “cut and dry.”  Mandi, on the other hand, handles all of the marketing, communication, and setting up of the hiring and training processes within their agency.  Dan elaborates that “Mandi and I have struck a really nice balance.  She’s really good at those aspects of our business…and I’m not.  I couldn’t tell you how to send an email through the Equis Marketing platform.  Mandi does everything and runs it beautifully.”

This split undertaking of the many responsibilities that come with managing an agency is one of the driving factors in the couple’s quick ascension to Regional Manager status.  An efficient recruiting system represents yet another cause of their success.  Mandi states, “Recruiting is like building a machine.  You have to continually feed that machine.”  A rotating bullpen of 15-20 active writing agents helps drive the team’s continual growth, with hundreds of recruits being brought on and worked into their agency since the inception of their building aspirations.  When asked to distill the most important characteristics of potential agents, Dan replies that “I want to see what kind of attitude they have.  You give me somebody who’s excited, who can be coachable, consistent, driven, and communicate well, then they can succeed in this business.”  The core values expected of recruits within the Roberts agency mirror the same values and expectations instilled throughout all of Equis Financial.  When we establish a community of hard work, respect, and quality communication, our potential for success grows with each passing day.

Establishing and staying true to those values is critical to the long-term success of any individual, team, or organization.  By the same token, recognizing the absence of those values in those that “talk the talk,” but can’t back it up, will ensure your efforts are spent productively and with purpose.  “Don’t waste your time with people that aren’t working” is a common piece of advice shared by our President and CEO Barry Clarkson that Dan Roberts echoes here.  He elaborates, “You can’t push a rope.  Don’t invest your time on a dead-end street…it’s going nowhere.”  What continues to motivate this team through all the ups and downs?  For Mandi Roberts, the pursuit of a balance between work and the life we sustain through that work is what continues to drive her on a daily basis.  “I’m driven by freedom, to have freedom of time.  I’m a mother and I want to have time with my kids without experiencing guilt thinking that I should be back at the office.  Now I have the freedom to set up my time the way that I want to.” Whether it’s between our professional and personal lives, our responsibilities and commitments, or our time and our efforts, we’re all just trying to strike a balance.  Just like Dan and Mandi Roberts.

“It is an absolute privilege to work alongside Dan and Mandi Roberts.  Their tenacity and desire to make an impact within this industry is both infectious and invaluable to Equis Financial.  We can all learn something from this incredible team.” – Barry Clarkson (President & CEO)