Dick & Connie Sylvester: Living a Life of Significance


A happily married couple of 47 years, Dick and Connie Sylvester joined Equis Financial in May of 2017.  Just 2 short months later, they were promoted to Regional Managers.  How were they able to make such an immediate impact within a new organization?  “I think what Connie and I realized is that together, we become a complete package.”  Living testaments to the adage of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, the Sylvesters prosper through the foundation of their marriage.  “Separate, both of us would struggle, but together we’re the complete package.”

Having worked in the industry for 3 previous IMOs over the course of 20 years, Dick and Connie knew exactly what they wanted, and didn’t want, from both their company and themselves.  Connie proclaims, “We’re close to retirement age, but living a life of significance is as important to us as it is to millennials!”  Building on that statement, Dick adds, “We had too much left in us that we wanted to pour into people to just walk away and retire.  We felt like Equis gave us the best opportunity to do that.”  Making the most out of that opportunity, the Sylvesters have used their experience to develop and nurture both top producers and team leaders through the Equis system.

The melding of their experience with Equis’ infrastructure has resulted in one of the fastest growing agencies within the company.  Building a team out of the gate and establishing a system to “recruit like crazy” became a top priority for this team, but they never lost sight of Equis’ tagline, “The Agent’s Company.”  “I’ve always felt the agent is the backbone of every organization,” Dick states with a passionate tone, “Equis has built a platform rewarding both the agent and the builder.  You’re not a second-class citizen if you choose to be an agent.”  Having seen too many instances of agents being pushed aside in favor of the builder, Dick and Connie sought a fresh start within a culture that gave respect and recognition to the individual agent.  “There was nowhere else to go for that until Equis opened their doors.”  The Sylvesters are a shining example of how a life of love, compassion and determination will ultimately lead to a life of significance.

“Dick and Connie Sylvester aren’t just great insurance agents or team builders, they are extraordinary people.  Equis Financial is incredibly fortunate to have the Sylvesters on our team.” – Barry Clarkson (President & CEO)