Jamie Lester: Fly Like An Eagle


Jamie Lester is a man of conviction and determination, dedicated to providing his clients and his team with a better way of life.  A relative newcomer to the business, Jamie began his journey at Equis Financial 5 years after entering the industry with another IMO.  After those 5 years, it was time to make a change.  “The culture deteriorated to a point that I had to move and change my situation.  That’s when I found Equis in March of 2017.”  The same issue that drove him to leave his previous IMO was the deciding factor in joining Equis Financial.  “Culture motivates me.  Equis represents the culture of personal growth and building your core self.”  Jamie hit the ground running and started building an agency within his first 30 days at Equis.  Instilling the Equis cultural values of growth and personal development in his own team, Jamie quickly built a formidable agency and was promoted to Regional Manager in August of 2017.

One of the biggest keys to Jamie Lester’s success is his commitment to the process of recruiting people with potential and molding that potential into production.  That ability to curate talent echoes the culture of building yourself before you can build others.  “If you don’t build your core self into a fantastic leader, the best recruiting script in the world won’t help you.  It starts within.”  The mindset of leading from the front and setting himself as an example for his team has led to undeniable results.  “In the last 90 days, my life has completely turned around and has become a lot of fun.  My agency has momentum that I don’t think I could slow down if I tried.”

Aspiring agency managers and personal producers alike have much to take away from Jamie Lester’s mindset.  This business is all about connections.  Connecting with clients, connecting those clients with products to protect their families and connecting recruits with a world-class system geared towards their success.  The ability to make those connections, however, comes from a strong foundation.  “Your belief system has to be strong.  You need to become an eagle.  Eagles attract eagles, but chickens will attract chickens.”  With a recruiting system like this, it’s no wonder Jamie Lester’s agency is soaring high within the Equis system.

“Leaders like Jamie Lester are hard to come by.  We’re so glad Jamie has made Equis Financial his home and can’t wait for what the future holds for him and his team.” – Barry Clarkson (President & CEO)