Jeff Helin: Carve Your Own Path


For many, the road to Regional Manager is paved with recurring landmarks and similar roadblocks along the way, but the exact path is unique to each individual leader.  For some, like Jeff Helin, the opportunities that are passed up can ultimately set us down the best path.  Before Jeff discovered Equis Financial, he had already found considerable success in forming partnerships and running his own businesses.  After selling the shares of 2 separate companies in Wisconsin, he and his family moved to California in search of a new challenge, a new road.  Unfortunately, the cost of pursuing new business ventures in California proved to be too costly, and Jeff was forced to establish a new plan.  Soon thereafter, Jeff interviewed for several different positions, but “wasn’t thrilled by the prospect of working a desk job and reporting to someone.”  Once you’ve established yourself as someone who leads and carves your own path, the idea of conceding control to a corporation or conglomerate can be gut-wrenching.

After receiving a job offer from one of his interviews, Jeff and his family went out to dinner, but the mood was less than celebratory.  “I had a knot in my stomach every time I considered accepting a job offer, but I was resigned to the thought that it would be best for me and my family if I just accepted.”  As fate would have it, Jeff struck up conversation with a man who was also dining at that particular restaurant on that particular night.  That man just so happened to be an agent with one particular company…Equis Financial.  By the end of their conversation, Jeff’s mind had been made up.  He turned down the standing job offer and committed himself to the Equis movement, becoming officially licensed in June of 2016.  Coming from a background of business ownership, Jeff knew that building and leading a team would be his ultimate goal, but he wanted to learn this new industry front and back before asking the same of recruited agents.  “Initially, my sole focus was personal production.  I knew that I couldn’t tell someone to go out and run 10 appointments in a week if I couldn’t personally go out and run those appointments myself.  I won’t be able to motivate people as well by just using my words.  I have to be able to lead by example.”

By putting in the work, establishing a consistent schedule of daily activity and learning the business before asking others to do so, Jeff better prepared himself for life as an Agency Manager.  In September of 2017, that hard work and preparation came to fruition with an official promotion to Regional Manager.  “It’s good to have a challenge.  If something is completely easy, you don’t get much from it.  The struggles make the success worth it in the long run.”  Now, Jeff manages a team consisting of 20 active writers and over 80 recruits ready to break into the industry.  While there were trials and tribulations along the way, Jeff wouldn’t change a thing about his road to Regional Manager.  “Anytime I bring on a new agent, I feel as if I’m the one responsible for showing them the way towards financial freedom.  That’s what being an RM is all about.”

“Natural leaders like Jeff Helin are hard to come by.  Jeff’s demeanor and commitment to daily activity exhibit just how dedicated he is to this business.  I have no doubt that Jeff will continue to grow and prosper as part of the Equis Financial Regional Manager team.” – Barry Clarkson (President & CEO)