Ollie Collins: Trust the System


For leaders like Ollie Collins, the recognition, awards and status associated with a Regional Manager promotion is appreciated, but not the main motivator behind their tireless activity.  After joining Equis Financial in May of 2017, Ollie quickly rose the ranks to officially become a Regional Manager just 4 months later in September.  Ollie has established a lengthy track record of success within this industry working with prior organizations, but the stops along his road to success never truly felt like a home.  Not until he found Equis.  “I was looking for leadership.  Many so-called leaders say they’re going to create a successful company, but have never built one previously…I didn’t have time to wait around.”  Inspired by the presence of proven leaders Barry Clarkson, Rob Jones, Bill Martin and Kevin Davies, Ollie hitched his wagon to the Equis system, knowing full well that it would take his business to greater heights.

Ollie was determined to hit the ground running and build a team right away.  “I didn’t doubt my ability to personally produce.  The attraction, for me, was building a team and being able to duplicate myself through the outlet of other people.”  Now, Ollie leads a team of 35+ unique writers, in an agency comprised of over 160 recruits ready to instill Ollie’s principles and start writing business of their own.  The number one proponent of Ollie’s ability to grow and sustain an agency is the very system that Equis Financial is built on.  “I’ve been looking for a system like this that can do the heavy lifting.  My agents benefit from growth inside the Equis system through our Book of the Month club, with LaunchPad, with the weekly conference calls and webinars.  This system prepares you to take off and start building your own business.”

The demeanor of Ollie is considered, contemplative, even cautious.  “When you’re building an agency, you can’t fall into the trap of riding the emotional roller coaster.  People all have their highs and lows.  As a leader, you have to be even-keeled.”  Solidifying yourself as a “rock” of inspiration and having a steadfast belief in your work is what building an agency and setting a precedent is all about.  Through the externalization of work ethic, a desire to succeed and integrity in your daily activity, our leaders inspire and spread their influence throughout their teams.  “Being able to take the blessings that I’m afforded with Equis and having the opportunity to share those blessings with clients and other agents is my central motivation and truly an honor.”

“Ollie Collins represents so many of the values we hope to replicate in our agent force.  We’re fortunate to have such a fierce competitor at The Agent’s Company.” – Barry Clarkson (President & CEO)