Pete Beckman: Winning Together

Pete Beckman’s ascent to Regional Manager should come as no surprise to those who know him well.  A veteran of the insurance and financial service industries for over 10 years, Pete has cut his teeth on agency and relationship building with a honed focus on recruiting and shepherding future leaders.  After spending time at previous IMOs, Pete was swayed to join Equis Financial largely in part to his friendship with Vice President of Agency Development Rob Jones.  Influenced by his relationship with Rob and the leadership of Barry Clarkson, Pete joined Equis Financial in February of 2017.  Pete’s commitment to relationship building and cultivating leadership translated to direct results, as Pete was promoted to Regional Manager just 10 months later in December of 2017.

Speaking with Pete, it became immediately clear that teamwork and a sense of shared success were huge motivators for the new Regional Manager.  Alongside significant other Brandon Hall, Pete turned his focus to building a team from Day 1, while Brandon focused on what he did best, write business.  Together, Pete and Brandon form one of the most dynamic duos in all of Equis, where Brandon’s incredible levels of production intersect with Pete’s thoughtfully considered team building and grooming of future leadership.  The growth of Pete’s agency really took off, however, after Dick and Connie Sylvester joined Equis Financial in May of 2017.  Having worked together at a previous company, Pete brought on the Sylvesters not as his downlines, but as his uplines!  “It’s not always about who you bring under you, it’s also about who you report to.”

The joined forces of Pete and Brandon, alongside Dick and Connie Sylvester, help form a near perfect match of personalities and proficiencies.  “Dick handles the sales training for both teams and I handle the recruitment and agency building for both base shops.  That’s why we work so well together.  We’re all very different, but when we put it all together it works as one unit.  It’s about all of us winning together.”  With over 25 consistently active writers and a system built to efficiently attract and train recruits, Pete Beckman has built a powerhouse of an agency and is just getting started.  “Hitting RM isn’t a graduation, it’s a stepping stone to helping others reach their goals.  For 2018, our goal is to promote 2 Regional Managers direct to us.”  Pete’s ambition coupled with a tenacious work ethic leads to significant success that is only heightened by the team-oriented mindset and sense of camaraderie present in his agency.  We’re all playing to win, but those seeking to win together are poised for everlasting success.

“Pete is an incredible builder, a tireless competitor, and an absolutely fearless leader.  If you want to see the textbook definition of a successful Regional Manager, look no further than Pete Beckman.” – Barry Clarkson (President & CEO)