Scott & Kimberly Rumbo: Commit to the Process

Success can be elusive, enigmatic even, an endpoint built off of hope, comprised of gratification and self-realization.  We work and strive for that goal, that endpoint, but sometimes find that once we reach that point, the fulfillment we were expecting never arrived.  In times like these, we should be reminded that success is, oftentimes, more about the journey than it is the destination.  For Scott and Kimberly Rumbo, success has come early and often in their professional careers.  Coming from a corporate/sales background, the Rumbos both made six-figure incomes before getting licensed and joining the insurance industry.  That success came at a significant cost, however.  “Our corporate positions really owned us.  We made the jump from corporate to insurance so that we could take control of both our income and our time.”  Shortly after the Rumbos made that jump, they once again found success, this time with another IMO within the industry, but the pieces of the puzzle didn’t quite fit the way they had hoped.  “We constantly had one leg out the door at our previous IMO, something was never quite right.”

Despite building one of the fastest growing agencies at their previous IMO, the Rumbos felt beholden to the costs and commitments associated with building at that company.  “It was really a curse for us…it drowned us financially.”  Scott & Kimberly both made up their minds that they would leave that company behind and pursue success independently.  Not long after that fateful decision, Barry Clarkson called.  Having known Barry previously, the Rumbos knew that the announcement of Barry Clarkson as Equis Financial’s President and CEO in January of 2016 signified a sea change in the futures of both the insurance industry and the Rumbos themselves.  “If there was ever a situation to start building a business again, and build it the right way, Barry was the person to do it with.”  Shortly after Barry announced his return to the industry, the Rumbos joined Equis Financial, but their road to Regional Manager featured bumps along the way.

After losing the entirety of their warm market upon leaving their previous company, the Rumbos simply “had to build everything from scratch.”  “We were expected to be one of the very first Regional Manager teams at Equis, but it took us 22 months to finally reach RM!”  A testament to the power of determination and a positive mindset, Scott & Kimberly overcame the odds in order to build a better future for themselves and their family.  The Rumbos were officially promoted to Regional Manager in November of 2017 and now run a team comprised of 25 actively writing agents, with many more recruited and ready to breakthrough into the industry.  It’s clear that for Scott and Kimberly Rumbo, the journey was essential in understanding what success truly meant for them.  Through that journey, the true destination was revealed.  “It’s been a longer road than we thought it would be, but we knew it would happen if we just stayed committed to the process…you have to trust the process.”

“Scott and Kimberly Rumbo are dear friends of mine and I couldn’t be more proud seeing them succeed with Equis Financial.  Their story is one of determination, grit and strength of heart.  That’s what The Agent’s Company is all about.” – Barry Clarkson (President and CEO)